Warranty Service Request - Decatur

Important notes prior to submitting your request:

  1. If your circumstances pose a life-threatening emergency (such as a fire or the real potential of a fire), immediately contact the local Fire Department, via 911.

  2. If your circumstances are causing damage to property (e.g., a major plumbing leak), take immediate measures to stop the source (e.g, valve off the source of water) and then contact the relevant EMERGENCY warranty service provider:

         PLUMBING EMERGENCY      ...               Alpine Plumbing                          (404) 312-9015

         SPRINKLER SYSTEM EMERGENCY      Triton Sprinkler Co.                     (404) 352-0688 
         ELECTRICAL EMERGENCY                    Doctor Electric                             (770) 237-0098
         HVAC EMERGENCY                                 Haynes Electrical Services         (770) 728-6257

    If the emergency requires immediate clean-up services (e.g., standing water that is damaging the home), call RestoreAll, Inc. at (770) 852-1240. RestoreAll will stabilize the situation until the affected parties can determine causation, fault, and engage insurance companies, as necessary.

  3. For routine submittals, you will be contacted by the Warranty Services administrator to discuss your submittal who will, if the issue is found (at “face-value”) to meet the terms of a valid defect, schedule a service visit. You (or a designee) must be home for all warranty service repairs.

  4. Remember: Defects that are cosmetic in nature are not covered by the terms of your limited warranty and will not be addressed.

  5. Similarly, general homeowner maintenance responsibilities (i.e., service needs not attributable to product or workmanship defects) such as changing light bulbs, addressing clogged toilets and sink drains, repairing cosmetic damage to sheet rock, replacing HVAC filters, adjusting a cabinet hinge that that has loosened, routinely sealing natural stone surfaces, etc. are not covered. Refer to your Homeowner’s Guide for a full list of exclusions.